Hello, I'm Sophia Moseley a Freelance Creative Copywriter. My portfolio includes Feature Article Writing, Blogging, Poetry and I am a Children's Author. I write for a number of different magazines and my first children's book, The Adventures of Charlie, was published in May 2012.

Edward Bulwer-Lyttton said 'the pen is mightier than the sword' and with the right inducement your reader will be inspired to take action: from buying your product, using your service or reading a moving article; whatever the purpose of your landing page, my content will strike the right chord with your consumers.

Using a combination of research, investigation and interviews, I make sure my feature articles seduce the reader's curiosity with puzzling topics and provocative proposals and my copywriting will be tailored to your needs including website content, press releases newsletters & blog posts that will appeal to your target audience.

My work has appeared in Dorset Life Magazine, Woman's Weekly, Liverpool's Lifestyle, Somerset Life Magazine (Archant Press) and the Nursing Standard. I have also worked with online and bespoke publications.

My Blog Workshops or one-to-one sessions will help you create or improve your blogging and post writing skills. I also run Creative Writing Workshops in schools and would be happy to arrange an Author Visit to read from The Adventures of Charlie at your school or festival. I also accept one off commissions including poetry for special occasions.

Sophia's Coffee Break

A monthly feature to amuse, intrigue or maybe surprise you, as Fact can very often be stranger than Fiction and True Life hard to believe.

Love it or Loaf it

Coffee Break

There are several great inventions like the wireless and the steam turbine without which the world would be a very different place; then there are the other less obvious ones that still made a significant impact and continue to alter the way we live. [ more... ]