About the Writer

Sophia Moseley-Houghton

I have been writing ever since I was able to put pen to paper, with my first piece of work appearing in my school magazine when I was eight years old, followed by a regular slot in the Nottingham Evening Post; my passion for writing has never dulled and my work now appears in a number of magazines, journals and newspapers.

Having written two novels and a series of children's stories, I have a zeal for producing exciting and animated fiction for children and adults alike. My first book The Adventures of Charlie was published in May 2012 and has met with great success.

Since 2008 I have combined my love of research and history and branched out into factual feature writing and will make the most mundane of items interesting or the more unconventional subjects intriguing. My enquiring and perceptive mind will look beyond the obvious, turning an everyday object into an item of curiosity and intrigue.

I have developed and honed my investigative skills using my intuition to guide me towards both a popular and diverse range of subject matters. I am astute and observant and understand the value of supplying what people want, whilst simultaneously creating the demand by offering the unusual.

My childhood was spent in different parts of the country, starting in Devon, heading east, west and north until my most recent move back to the south where I live with my family near the Jurassic coast. Each move brought with it the different regional cultures and geography that has helped to enrich my knowledge of people and places along with my own outlook on life, so I understand the different values people hold.

With much of my working life having been spent commuting to and from London, my family now enjoy the chatter of birds and rumble of tractors, but we still look forward to our regular 'London fix' when I visit old haunts and join the other tourists who enjoy the excitement London has to offer.